Portrait photography:  personal portrait, family photo, editorial portrait for publishing advertising and websites.

You define yourself as non-photogenic? Nonsense! A natural expression is one that is free of tensions in your face or body language. It starts with enjoying the moment and the experience on a personal level and feeling in the hands of someone trustworthy. It’s the secret to having fun and inviting natural expressions and exchanges between you and our portrait photographer. It’s also about being in a comfortable and relaxed setting that the professional photographer will prepare for your photo session.

If being in front of the camera has always been a really uncomfortable situation for you, well you’ve come to the right place because we absolutely understand that feeling and believe that a good portrait must be the witness to an authentic moment of pleasure. In fact, it must really reflect your personality through an exploration of your true self and taste. It’s actually a really fun way to discover how other people see us. It’s like a game of capturing the many facets of your personality… not work!

Corporate portrait:  business people, work team and staff, adminstration boards, annual report, business portfolio of the people in the partners and associates in your company.

Whether for your advertising needs ( brochures, posters, websites and social media etc), a catalogue, an annual report or an internal newsletter, all of your projects should reflect the specific branding of you company. This is achieved through a detailed and thorough preparation. It all begins with a discussion over your expectations and budget that we follow up by providing you a guide to help with details about clothing and accessories, color palette, and all the necessary preparations at home and on shooting day.

Event photography:  weddings, conferences, conventions, launching, concerts, shows, documentary photographs of exhibitions, festivals, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, competitions, demonstrations, tournements.

Our event will document all the different important moments of your events. Having your weddings, corporate or professional events photographed is a perfect way to demonstrate the dynamic spirit of your occassion simply immortalising the very important moments of your personal life be it anniversaries, wedding, graduations, competitions, etc.

Your events deserve the treatment of professional event photographer.

Artists and public figures:  Album cover, posters, presse photos, artistic productions, web sites, blogues and calendors.

Musicians, dancers, actors and artists need professional photos for their portfolio, press releases, websites and social media. The photos are also used for your posters, advertising concerts and shows, CD and book covers.

Architectural and commercial photography:  architecture, real estate, service or product advertising campaigns, business portfolios, theater and movie set photography,

Photos of your business, its installations, products and services you offer is certainly a most useful tool.

Products and services are often illustrated in photos, but photos of the headquarter, production in process, workspace and place or research building is also a really interesting way of describing your business. A refined and high end image of your installations, equipment, specialized machinery or workstations is the best way to offer a virtual visit of the type of business you are. Your branding and standarts are quickly understood by our professional photographer and along with his artistic and technical knowledge of light and composition, your company will be guarantied the best photographs.

Modeling and fashion photography:  model and casting portfolios for actors, musicians, artists

Fashion and modeling photography is an artistic way of representing fashion, style and beauty in a combination of a singular mood created with an original concept, a mastering of lighting, experienced makeup, clothing and hair stylists who understand how to enhance shapes, colors and textures according to today’s trends. Beauty shots are close-ups of the face, but instead of revealing the personality or character of a portrait, it’s rather the esthetic and formal qualities of the face that are emphasized.

Our visual arts experiences enable us to think “outside the box” and invent new ways of saying things.

You feel that you have what it takes to succeed as a model in the fashion industry but don’t quite know how to get started and put together your first modeling portfolio? Our experience as a fashion photographer will be just what you need to guide you with finding the right pose and expression to create a portfolio that clients will love. We will also assist you through your selection and organization of your fashion portfolio.

Our team will determine whether the shooting should take place in a studio or outdoors to create a really unique image.

Our fashion photograph doesn’t rely only on beauty. In fact, most models look quite plain looking before the makeover. It’s really a matter of analyzing the bone structure of your body and face, choosing the angle and lighting that will enhance the features you want, and of course, getting that facial expression and attitude that will just stand out and define you.

The body and artistic nudes:  sensual photographs, erotic photography, boudoir